Ms. Ashley is the founder and President of The EEO Solution LLC, a consulting firm providing Cultural Transformation, Organizational Analysis and Improvement Services, Investigation Services, and Training. Ms. Ashley has over two decades of experience within the EEO Compliance, Ethics and Diversity fields. Ms. Ashley is a seasoned performer in both the private and federal sectors. Ms. Ashley has over 18 years of experience with various types of investigations, and brings a unique perspective to an organization with her background in investigations and her knowledge of Human Resources law, EEO law, Collective Bargaining Agreements, and Staffing.

Ms. Ashley has received accolades for her work in both private sector and federal agencies companies. Ms. Ashley oversaw the EEO Compliance regional operations for Verizon, a $7 billion global leader in communications and information services with 70 Million+ customers and nearly 200,000 employees. Ms. Ashley has had her efforts in organizational improvement recognized by Verizon’s “Award of Excellence” for the creation of new internal bidding system for union employees. Ms. Ashley received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from St. Leo University, and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of South Florida.

A few examples of Ms. Ashley’s expertise:

  • Led the transformation of an entire Human Resources department of a private sector non-profit healthcare company with over 1,000 employees
  • Cultural Health Assessment for agency IT organization to include statistical analysis and action plan for organizational transformation
  • Successful in facilitating conversation to identify best practices, creating action plans and implementing action plans
  • Interim EEO Compliance Officer for the Presidio Trust for approximately 10 years
  • Created and conducted sensitivity training for employees working with people with disabilities, to include those that are deaf and hard-of-hearing and visually impaired, and transitioning transgender employees. Learned American Sign Language to better communicate with individuals that are deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Successfully conducted EEO and Ethics (to include allegations of violations of laws, rules and regulations, abuse of authority, mismanagement, and prohibited personnel practice violations) Investigations in private sector and approximately 15 government agencies. Often testified for Verizon as the subject matter expert in court cases
  • Worked with various internal departments, including IT Security, Security, Human Resources and individual business units to conduct investigations
  • Completed project in conjunction with EEOC and 14 different federal agencies to identify best practices in hiring for women and minorities through focus groups
  • Work on a consultative role to legal counsel in private sector in conjunction with lawsuits regarding EEO Compliance lawsuits
  • Creation and distribution of training to government contractors regarding EEO law and Executive Order Compliance
  • Presentation of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training (POSH) for agency wide initiative
  • Creation and Presentation of EEO Compliance Training, Anti-Bullying Training, and customized training for multiple federal agencies, including FERC, NASA, Presidio Trust, etc
  • Creation and Presentation of EEO Compliance Training, and various customized training in small and large private-sector companies
  • Successfully led, trained and mentored investigators in the private and federal sector to include training on EEO law, analysis of a case, proper investigative techniques and proactive measures to reduce complaints.